Nationally accredited qualification

EDAA has been offering accredited training in Equine Dentistry for over 25 years in conjunction with various RTO/s and the University of Melbourne.

The current course is in the process of being updated to meet new qualifications requirements set by the Government.

The EDAA Course has historically been structured with a high level of academic rigour which has been achieved through extensive consultation and the hard work of many horse industry representatives.

Graduates of the Course continue to contribute to the horse industry with competent horsemanship and deliver humane and professional dental maintenance to all breeds of horses. The success has been demonstrated by the fact that some graduates operate their business on a global basis.

The course length is approximately 12 months. Lectures, field trips, practicals and extensive supervised industry experience, where the student receives one-on one practical training, prepare the trainee dental technician with skills to commence their own equine dental business.

The course offers a genuine opportunity for interested horse people to establish their own business with excellent grounding in all aspects of equine dentistry. A nationally recognised certificate is issued upon completion of the course.

If you are already working treating horse’s teeth, you may be able to have your existing skills and knowledge recognised through a Skills Recognition process in order to expedite completion.

Until such time as we have finalised our negotiations with our RTO and the course content has been updated, we are not taking applications for the next course.

Updates will be posted on our website as they become available.