Josh’s Diary February 2016

EDAA dental students

2016 EDAA students Josh and Steven.

The first two weeks of the EDAA course have been really great as it has been hands on out in the field working with a variety of horses from top performance horses in galloping, harness and equestrian, to Shetlands, mares and pleasure horses.

Steven and I have been spending time with Mark Burnell, Andrew Smith and Darcy Porter learning great skills of horsemanship and how to handle each horse.

We have been assisting and using tools and skills that are essential in horse dentistry like rasping sharp arcades and rounding up bit seats, removal of deciduous incisors and molars; also removing wolf teeth and cheeking over the mouth for unusual things, aging of the horse and using terminology.

We have also been spending time at the Melbourne University Equine Centre at Werribee where Dr Peter Cakebread is taking our lectures.

Josh working on a horse

Josh working on a horse

Steven and I have been learning in depth about the structure of the mouth and the horse as a whole, nutrition and the digestive tract of the horse, and other useful knowledge needed in becoming a great equine dentist and horseman.

The start of the course has been great and can’t wait for what the rest of the year has to offer us!

Cheers, Josh